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Founded in 2004 Satori Interactive is a digital and visual communications consulting firm that takes your ideas from concept to reality. Utilizing a fast start approach our team of experienced researchers, designers, developers and project managers deliver a strategy and execution plan to accelerate the right business digital application solution. From ideation to problem solving our team listens to your customers to create a solution that everyone will love.

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Dara Solomon

Chief of Awe-Inspiring Feats

User contentment evangelist, master of engineering dreams and reading consumer minds

Fela Smith

Fela Strickland-Smith

Chief Idea Evangelist

Master handshaker, director of shenanigans, dreamer and actualizer of successful strategizations

Lynn Matson

Master of Space and Time

Maestro of projects and players, watcher of time pieces and billfolds, cracker of the whip


Philanthropic giving and the idea of being active, contributing, and positive members of society is part of our culture. Each year Satori Interactive and its employees invest time, energy, and money into giving back to our communities.  We donate company resources to various projects for nonprofit organizations and devote personal time to support a number of events and causes throughout the year including MSWalk and Atlanta Community Food Bank Drive.


Companies realize they must deliver an exceptional digital experience to maintain their competitiveness in the market place today. Your customers don’t just compare you to your direct competitors, they compare you to their most frequent and recent digital encounters. Your customers and prospects expect clear and concise information with a singular digital experience. You have one chance to get it right. Satori’s unique formula of expertise, methodology, technology and a team of skilled people will reduce that risk for you.

From mid-market to large enterprise clients we reinvent and reimagine the complete customer (internal/external) user experience (UX) with your application. Using extensive research and our insights around essential experience interactions, we accelerate our clients desire to evolve their business products, solutions, and brands to the state of nirvana.