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We Make Your Tech Easy and Enjoyable for Customers to Use

When your tech isn’t a pleasure to use, people will … leave. (Very sad.) And often, you can’t fix the issues because you’re too close to the problem to understand what’s needed. When no one will download or use your app, you lose customers during the online purchase process, or you field too many phone calls because no one will use your online support, our “enlightened” team takes in the big picture and then dives into the details to design the optimal user experience.

We synthesize research, design, and marketing on how people use products, services and tech, and then create the best possible customer experience and messaging.

You know what’s better than fixing user-experience issues? Designing fantastic customer experiences from the start. … something we also do.

We saw it coming

We Saw It Coming

When we started in 2004, we never imagined Satori would become what it is today! In fact, back then most people didn’t get what we did or why they needed us. Convincing people we’d increase revenue by making their business run smoother was like Apple trying to convince people they didn’t need USB ports anymore—we knew what we were talking about, but no one got it.

Then, the dawn of the smartphone and personal apps created a major growth spurt for Satori as the need for UX research and user-based design became a necessity for businesses. We don’t explain ourselves as much these days, and most clients come looking for Satori … which is fine with us!

We Like Different

As a female and minority-owned business, diversity and inclusion are our keys to success. We pull in the best UX talent no matter who they are or where they’re from. Our talent in user research is so touted by our clients, our average client relationship lasts eight years, and we’ve also been named one of Atlanta’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.

We like different

Yes, We Now Have Full-Service Marketing

It's true. In 2021, we merged with Liger Partners to provide full-service marketing in addition to our award-winning UX/UI and research services.

How We Work

With research backing every insight, revelation, and decision made, we take your digital presence from stagnant or stressed to a state of zen.

Step 1:


We use focus groups to conduct thorough research, uncovering the obstacles preventing positive user experiences.

Step 2:


We redesign parts of your website or app to craft the optimal customer experience for your users.

Integrate 2
Step 3:


We ensure the digital tools your business utilizes are working together for the greatest customer experience possible.

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