• Increase Site and App Conversions

    Satori defines your target customers and conducts research to create user experiences and interfaces that eliminate obstacles and make it easy and enjoyable for people to do business with you.

  • Real Feedback from Real People

    We specifically and strategically work with people in your target audience to gather research, test design, and implement your new user experience or interface.

  • Backed by Experience

    Founded in 2004, Satori is a leader in conducting user research and crafting customer experiences for major brands.

Never lose another customer to a bad user experience.

Never lose another customer to a bad user experience.

If a customer can't “use” your site or app properly, they’ll leave it without making purchases or completing tasks, causing you to leak customers and sales. Satori creates easy and meaningful experiences that get your ideal customers from your home page to your purchase confirmation page ... without a hitch or a glitch.

Our Services

Experience Design


• UX Strategy
• Marketing Strategy
• VOC Program
• Personas
• Customer Journey
• Touchpoint Analysis
• Digital Transformation
• Competitive Analysis

Management Consulting (1)

User Experience Research

• Usability Testing
• Survey’s
• Ethnographic Studies
• Contextual Inquiry
• Focus Groups
• User Interviews
• Diary Studies "


Creative & UI Design Services

• Information Architecture
• Interactive Wireframes
• Prototype Development
• Visual Design
• Web Design
• Product Design
• Proof Of Concept
• Video Creation & Production

POC Framework


• Web Development
• Mobile Development
• System Integration

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How We Work

With research backing every insight, revelation, and decision made, we take your digital presence from stagnant or stressed to a state of zen.

Step 1:


We use focus groups to conduct thorough research, uncovering the obstacles preventing positive user experiences.

Step 2:


We redesign parts of your website or app to craft the optimal customer experience for your users.

Integrate 2
Step 3:


We ensure the digital tools your business utilizes are working together for the greatest customer experience possible.


Join people just like you who trust Satori Interactive with their experience design and digital needs.

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Newell copy
Harris Teeter

Built for your customers' success ... and then yours.

Built for your customers' success ... and then yours.

Satori, the Japanese word for enlightenment, is all about the “aha” moment. That’s what we're here to deliver. We're your idea machine, putting our expertise, support, and resources to work to create innovative digital solutions for amazing customer experiences.

Built for your customers' success ... and then yours.

Start recovering customers.

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