Meet Our Team of Leading Ladies

Fela Strickland-Smith, Satori's CEO

Fela Strickland-Smith

Chief Idea Evangelist

Fela is our fearless leader. As CEO, she helps us put our best foot forward with new clients. She’s a hands-on manager who always keeps our team’s eye on the prize. With a background in user experience design, her talents touch every project and help our team grow stronger.

Dara Solomon, Satori's Senior User Experience Strategist

Dara Solomon

Chief of Awe-Inspiring Feats

Dara is our Chief Customer Experience Officer and manages research and design. She’s a thought leader by nature with over 15 years working in user experience research. She’s a pro at web development and focuses on motivating teams to create their best work.

Lynn Matson, Satori's Program Manager

Lynn Matson

Master of Space and Time

Lynn keeps everything moving at Satori. She’s a maestro of projects and players and a keen watcher of time pieces and billfolds. And when she needs to make sure things get done, she can crack the whip.

Melinda Holden, Satori's Business Operations

Melinda Holden

Top Unicorn Wrangler

Melinda is our all-seeing all-knowing planning maestro. She’s especially skilled at building metaphorical bridges and her innate “get ‘er done” mindset provides a vital energy to the team.

“The team took an idea and turned it into reality . . . the RM Dashboards are used by hundreds of our hotels across the globe and everyone is very impressed with their ease of use, wide breadth of data presented, and great look overall.”
Brie Wright, Intercontinental Hotels Group

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