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Our Team Gives Thanks to Technology

November 26, 2014

In spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we asked the Satori Team members to weigh in on the following question:

What professional tools, apps, programs, etc are you thankful for?

Satori Fela
I’m thankful for Evernote and OmniFocus. Evernote helps me keep all notes for projects, clients, etc. in order. OmniFocus has been a great tool for organizing and managing my to-do list which seems to keep growing.


Satori Dara
I am thankful for Skype, Slack, and QlikSense (for slicing and dicing data to tell a story via data)


Satori Ashley
My wifi hot spot that keeps me connected no matter where I am or what I’m doing.


Satori Leah
SKYPE! We use it every day. It makes for quick contact with our teammates no matter their location. Also, Evernote. I manage notes and to do lists that are accessible from every device so I don’t have to go to my computer if I need to look at something. Great for grocery lists too.

– Leah

Satori Winnie
Wacom Tablet!! It saves me lots of time doing all of the raw sketches. The versatility of it is amazing. It allows me to manipulate the drawing with the least amount of time.

– Winnie

Satori Danielle
Evernote, Axure, & SKYPE! ALL have sharing capabilities. I love that i can share notebooks in Evernote, or share a screen in skype. Both evernote and skype work across devices which is great as we travel. Axure can be sent online for sharing and collaborating.

– Danielle

Satori Germaine
I am thankful for Dropbox. I love the mobile app because it is simple to navigate and I can get to my documents anywhere. More far reaching, I love cell towers so I can get information in most places of the U.S.

– Germaine

Satori Gracie
I’m thankful for Google Docs. It makes it so easy to have multiple people working on one project at the same time. It also eliminates having to constantly email the most updated version.

– Gracie

Satori Stephanie
Google Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Evernote, Skype & also my cell phone.  All of these things make my work days possible.

– Stephanie

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