• Snapshot of a User Journey created for the persona "Full Access Fred" for the Worldpay project
Worldpay is a privately-owned payment processor with a global footprint. They support over 120 currencies and process over 26 million transactions daily.
The Industry


The Location


The Challenges

Worldpay realized that they did not have a true understanding of their customer base and lacked a comprehensive identity management system to integrate all of Worldpay’s online customer tools.

The Problem

Worldpay knew their customers were having so much trouble with their online systems, but they didn’t know why. They needed to get to know their user base to transform their existing system.

The Solve

We provided an entire suite of user experience deliverables to prepare Worldpay for their move forward, including a content management system and seamless user experience across their online portals.

The Results

Our changes improved their customer relationships by revamping their online system, helping them better manage their accounts and generate more useful data.