Boehringer Ingelheim

  • NexGard Trivia Game provides the user the ability to start the game or customize it to their liking
Boehringer Ingelheim is an animal healthcare company with 14% of the total global market share. They provide a comprehensive range of products to improve the health, well-being, and performance of all kinds of animals.
The Industry


The Location


The Challenges

Develop mobile-friendly solutions to streamline marketing and sales

The Problem

Boehringer Ingelheim was a very successful and well-established company. Their sales process was effective but not up to date. Their sales staff was still using paper copies to demonstrate their technological capabilities. They needed an update they could easily roll out to their entire staff.

The Solve

Our management and creative team worked with Boehringer Ingelheim’s information systems, marketing, and sales teams to figure out what they needed and why. Our team of information architects and designers reviewed their existing paper-based sales approach and spoke with members of their sales team to get direct feedback and insights. From there, we developed an interactive content approach that helped better support the sales staff and educate customers more comprehensively.

The Results

Boehringer Ingelheim’s sales force moved from paper-based sales to an innovative new digital platform. The new content tells a story about the products and why they are useful, both to vets and consumers.

The Accolades

Our Nexgard game won Silver in the 2017 The Vetty Awards.

” . . . very creative and have a professional account team, great at managing timelines with a strong attention to detail … ”
Max Bernstein, Boehringer Ingelheim