Forrester Points to Mobile Mind Shifts as the Key to Pulling Ahead of the Pack

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Forrester Points to Mobile Mind Shifts as the Key to Pulling Ahead of the Pack

January 26, 2015

Each year Forrester, known for the influential research and advisory services they provide business and technology leaders, releases a report with their predictions for the upcoming year’s mobile trends. This report is frequently used by marketing professionals to gauge where their priorities should be focused and to identify areas where improvements can be made within their own strategies.

For 2015, Forrester identified “Underinvestment in Mobile” as the overarching theme:

“In 2015, marketing leaders who have embraced the mobile mind shift will accelerate spending to create an insurmountable gap between themselves — the industry leaders — and the laggards who view mobile as just another channel. Mobile-shifted marketers will transform their brands’ customer experiences and drive business outcomes by taking a sophisticated approach that focuses on how to activate mobile experiences. Success stories will be few in number.”
Even though a strong mobile strategy should be top of mind for business leaders and marketers, the reality is that many marketing leaders will face challenges and hurdles in bringing mobile to the forefront of their companies’ strategic investment plan. The large legacy and long-standing businesses are often comprised of many slow moving layers that do not adapt to signifcant change quickly, and the shift in organizational hierarchy necessary for a true mobile business mindset if often unsettling for many business units.

What is certain is that technology and innovation will push forward with or without the consent and participation of individual business leaders bringing those who have completely embraced the mobile-shifted marketing mindset to the top of the pack. While this movement is happening, it will be extremely important for both marketers and business leaders to enhance their entire consumer experience to offer more simple, seamless, and integrated experiences across all devices.

Find out more about mobile predictions Forrester has highlighted for 2015. You can access this report via Adobe Anayltics in exchange for your contact details.

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