How to Engage Users on Their Website Journey

f-pattern website engagement

You’ve done so much work on making your website, then why is no one staying to see it?

Satori Interactive is Recognized in Top 20 Most Promising CEM Solution Providers

CIOReview Magazine released it’s 3rd annual edition featuring their selections for the “20 Most Promising Customer Experience Management Solutions Providers.”

Throwback Thursday: UX

Designing for User Experience

User Experience (UX) is a series of strategies and techniques that account for the needs and expectations of the audience for your business offerings.

System Usability Scale: A Quick Usability Scoring Solution

Blank Mobile App SUS

Imagine that you’ve been working for weeks on several updates for your company’s mobile app that will help connect customers . . .

What is Usability? [Definition under 100 words]

What is Usability?

Objects that humans interact with (like tools, machines, websites, applications, books, etc.) all have particular levels or . . .

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