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What is UX? [Definition under 100 words]

What is UX?

Everyday, we interact with a countless number of electronics, from cell phones . . .

Old News, New Application: “Slippy UX”

Slippy UX Design

Alarm sounds. Trying to wake up I check the baby monitor. Whew. Kids still asleep. Grab my phone. Eyes only half open.

Become A Butler of the Future for Your Customers: Bridge the Gap Between Digital and Physical Experiences

Recently, being the creative I am, I decided to tackle a do-it-yourself night table project . . .

4 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Parallax Design on Your Website Now

Parallax Design - 2015 UX Trend

Parallax design, also known as continuous scroll design, is a trend that is becoming a staple of web design for 2015.

The Importance of Engaging a True UX Team for Your User Experience Projects

What the Customer Really Wanted

The Sum of Separate Areas of Expertise Does Not Equal the Total Value of a UX Centric Team User Experience (UX) is a business buzzword that has attracted quite a bit of attention in the past few years. As more and more companies jump on the bandwagon of delivering services targeting “User Experience”, a true […]