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Benefits of UX Research

After hearing about something as time consuming and complicated as UX and UX research, it’s natural to ask, “Why take the time and energy to do UX research, or even care about UX in the first place?” Well, the answer is pretty simple. By improving your product’s UX and your company’s UX research methods, you can help drive new customer acquisition and save your company money by more accurately representing the needs of your users.

If you’ve ever visited a website that was hard to navigate, there’s a good chance you didn’t return to that website anytime soon because it just wasn’t worth the hassle. This type of experience could drive away countless potential customers from your website if you don’t take the time to identify what would best suit them and construct your website accordingly. The most efficient way to do this, is by conducting UX research. The results of UX research will give you information about the actual wants and needs of your customers, and in turn, you can use that information to make your product much more appealing to them.

UX Research Benefit Chart

Along with helping you grow your customer-base, implementing UX and UX Research into the development of a product can help you save tons of money.

This graph accurately represents the cost of making major changes to a product the further along you go in the process – from planning, to developing, to releasing it, and to supporting it. As you go along this process, the cost for implementing changes increases dramatically, which is why it is essential that problems, especially with user interaction be taken care of in the early stages, so the cost of a project doesn’t pile up on the back end.

This idea of the benefits of UX research transcends all platforms, from websites to products.  By simply conducting UX research you can greatly reduce the costs of building a product and while also attracting and retaining more customers for your company.

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