4 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Parallax Design on Your Website Now

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4 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Parallax Design on Your Website Now

February 20, 2015

Parallax design, also known as continuous scroll design, is a trend that is becoming a staple of web design for 2015. Parallax was introduced in 2011; but, at that time, many businesses found this new design to be overly modern and eclectic. However, the benefits of parallax have become almost impossible to ignore.

Here are 4 reasons why you should integrate parallax design on your website now:

1. Optimized Product Viewing

Optimized product viewing is a huge benefit of parallax scrolling because it allows the user to fully view a 3D model of products on his/her terms, thus effectively bridging the gap between in-store and online shopping. One of the most demonstrative sites for optimized product viewing I’ve found is Sony. The company successfully displays multiple products in exploded views, giving the user a full concept of how the product looks and acts. In doing so, the consumer, unaffected by pushy salespeople, is more likely to purchase the product than he/she would be if simply viewing static pictures of the product.

2. Interactivity

Interactivity is key when trying to increase traffic on your site. Visitors are more likely to spend larger amounts of time on your site if they feel involved in the experience. One of my favorite interactive sites is the one created for the movie Life of Pi. I gladly continue to scroll through the “making of the movie” because I’m actively choosing to do so, and I maintain a certain control of the process.

3. Design

Design is a huge factor for the success of parallax sites. A Polish site, Olszanka, has a beautiful and intriguing design, which keeps viewers interested in scrolling. Parallax sites with attractive design act more as an art piece than a website, if done properly; and, this can be exciting and engaging for viewers. Design paired appropriately with interactivity can make the viewer feel as though he/she is the one creating the art.

4. Trigger Motivation

A good example of trigger motivation is the NASA Prospect site. As the user scrolls, an astronaut travels through space, landing on planets and flying through space with a robot; the music also changes based on his location. If the user scrolls up, the astronaut retreats to his original location; if the user scrolls down, the astronaut continues his adventure. It gives the user motivation to continue to scroll so that he can see where else the astronaut might land. Again, this correlates to longer amounts of time that the user spends on your site; while he/she came for the information, he/she stayed because of the activity presented.

Parallax Design - 2015 UX Trend
Parallax design is a beautiful and effective way to captivate audiences for longer periods of time. That’s a great catalyst for choosing to upgrade your site to parallax which will also help your company stand out from your multi-click site competitors.

If your company is looking for an upgrade or if you have any additional questions about the benefits of parallax design, contact us! Or feel free to leave comments regarding your opinions of parallax design!

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